Preventative Health

We realize that addressing rising employee health care costs is a real concern for our clients, particularly when you consider that 75 percent of health care spending stems from preventable chronic conditions. Further the cost of lost productivity from these conditions is estimated to be three times greater than medical and pharmacy costs alone.

That is why Occupational Health Systems (OHS) has partnered with U.S. Preventative Medicine to offer our clients The Prevention Plan – a comprehensive health management solution to help you improve the health and productivity of your workers.

The Prevention Plan is an innovative prevention benefit that provides members with an assessment of their individual health risks, a personalized intervention plan to address those risks and high tech/high touch resources, education, support and health coaching to help your employees adopt healthy behaviors and improve their current and future health risks.

The Plan is based on the clinical science of preventative medicine including primary (wellness and health promotion to keep healthy people healthy), secondary (screening for earlier detection/diagnosis) and tertiary (early evidence-based treatment to reduce complications and disability) prevention, and is proven to significantly reduce ten major risk factors in the first year of intervention, including blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, stress, alcohol consumption and cholesterol.

TPP Member Brochure

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